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25 lots of Marilyn Monroe photos, magazines many First Editions, Signed prints and pictures by L.S.Lowry, Charles Bartlett, Kathleen Caddick, Strong selection of silver items, Collectors watches, Gold jewellery to include Rings & Necklaces, Stunning large multi coloured 280 gram Amber BEAD necklace + other  Butterscotch amber , Collection of Whisky miniatures, Collection of Wisden Cricketers Almanack, Japanese 1943 war time silk Flag, all Fresh to the market lots






1        Charles Bartlett, a limited edition coloured etching entitled Ships at Anchor numbered in pencil 57 of 60, signed, image size 18" x 23" est 80-120

2        Charles Bartlett, a stylized modern artist proof copy entitled 3 bridges signed in pencil image size 18" x 23" est 80-120

3        L S Lowry, a limited edition print, view of a town 21" x 17" with Fine Art Guild impression to the bottom left, No:285 of 850

4        Modern oil painting on board of a Continental bow shaped harbour scene with Boats, buildings and churches, signed Lectere? And dated 69' 14" x 18"

5        Kathleen Caddick, an artist proof limited edition print Woodland path, image size 10" x 14" signed in pencil, and 1 other artist proof by Kathleen Caddick, both pictures have Artist Guild proof copy, and signed in pencil

6        Kathleen Caddick, 2 x limited edition prints, a stylized pictures of woodland scenes, entitled Evening by the Lake, and Across the Dales, both signed in pencil and numbered each measuring 10" x 14" and has the artist guild logo,

7        Kathleen Caddick, 2 x limited edition stylized coloured etchings entitled Snow Hill, 9/250 and Lakeside Trees, 11/250 both with the artist impression guild mark to the print and signed in pencil,

8        Kathleen Caddick, limited edition coloured etching Apple Orchard, 105/150 13" x 10" f/g, and a similar un-framed Kathleen Caddick, limited edition print, Tree Clumps, 13/250

9        4 x assorted small limited edition Kathleen Caddick coloured etchings inclduing an artist proof copy White Cottage, Snow Morning, Snow in the Park and Snow ridge, each signed in pencil f/g

10      3 x good quality pencil sketches by C Varley, each depicting and Owl images include Barn Owl, and Owl Landing, each one 10" x 14" approx f/g

11      Stylized limited edition coloured print entitled David's Cat No: 68/150 by D C Beattie

12      2 x similar limited edition f/g prints by Kathleen Caddick, entitled Shadows and Country Walk both limited editions signed and numbered

13      Alwyn Crawshaw, an oil painting on canvas, signed bottom left, 20" x 24" picture entitled Welsh Landscape, Bedgellert in North Wales with views of Snowdonia, certificate of authenticity, and the Art Work was reproduced in one of 8 books published by Collins of London

14      Stylized Limited edition coloured print Goodbye September, signed in pencil by Robert Greenhalf, image size 12" x 14"

15      Late 19c f/g charming watercolour Horses and Riders outside a country house, 6" x 10"

16      Victorian watercolour framed and signed Richardson and dated 86' a scene depicting Boats off the Shore with figures, 4" x 10"

17      Large f/g Edwardian watercolour Shepherdess with her Sheep on a snowy and blustery mountainous scene, 18" x 24" signed Hart

18      Good quality f/g watercolour a portrait of a Scottish Army Officer in his Kilt and Uniform, signed bottom left, F? Salvons? 12" x 14"

19      Oil painting on canvas, contemporary take on a still life of flowers by Maree Wylie, exhibited at the RWS Galleries Conduit street, London W1, entitled Peonies, canvas size 24" x 18"

20      Interesting oil painting on board c1860-80 of a Spanish Lady playing the Mandolin 20" x 24" gilt frame, un-signed, and would benefit from a clean

21      Large stylized oil painting on canvas, with text Airplane and figure, artist monogrammed, 60" tall x 30" wide entitled Remember the Many, Remember the Few signed Mac

22      3 x small limited edition prints by Maggie Burley, Tabby Cat, Blue eyed Cat, and Cat with star, each one signed with pencil and numbered

23      Pair of Edwardian period charming Oleographs, young Boy and Girl, each one in original frame, measuring 10" x 14"

24      Pair of modern Cubist paintings by B Duplock, each picture measures 5" x 7" in contemporary style framing both signed and titled, Tones 1 and Echo 1,

25      Large Victorian period oil painting on canvas of a panoramic landscape mountainous scene with river and sole figure, signed bottom left indistinctly, F. Nose???p c1850 has been re-lined, and re-stretcher professionally within the last 15 years, painting measures 36" long x 26" deep in swept gilt frame est 120-180

26      4 x similar Islamic coloured prints figures in an interior scene, each print 4" x 7" some with script, probably from a book, 5 other similar framed prints depicting exterior Temple scenes, Indian or Islamic, and 2 others, 11 items in total

27      Large oil painting on canvas c1960's of a Parisian Street scene with numerous figures signed Rernare Bernard?, 48" long x 24" high a stylized Parisian street and building scene,

28      Archibald Thorburn, limited edition print No: 378 of 500, published 1983, after the painting of 1904, Birds in a snowy landscape, image size 24" x 28" a similar period Archibald Thorburn coloured print Autumn at Loch Mardee, both in gilt frames,

29      Pair of interesting still life oil paintings on board, Dutch 18th century style, painted on Scottish board, RG Mundell, both in similar gilt frames, paintings measure 11" x 8.5" est 100-120

30      Collection of 9 x c1950's watercolours mainly of the Lake District, each one signed C Lawrence, some scenes depicting Wales, varying sizes from 10" x 12" up to 10" x 14" est 20-30

31      Collection of 12 x c1950's watercolours mainly of the Lake District, each one signed C Lawrence, some scenes depicting Wales, varying sizes from 10" x 12" up to 10" x 14" est 20-30

32      Large pastel drawing of a Gorilla by Joel Kirk, 24" x 30" framed & glazed, head and shoulders portrait in a natural habitat est 50-100




33      Ladies Edwardian period silver fob watch in need of attention, similar period slim line pocket watch, the dial marked Leroy Genève with enamel dial, and a Gents silver pocket watch the dial marked Ashford & Jarvis Ltd, of Kilburn, est 30-70

34      Vintage Ladies 9ct gold cased watch in working order, est 30-60

35      3 x assorted wrist watches to include a Gents Seiko Sactus, with chrome strap, a Sekonda Automatic 27 jewel in gold plated case with strap, and a Ladies Oris with strap est 30-60

36      4 x assorted pocket watches to include Ingersoll, a silver h/m Hunter, Birmingham 1900 with damage to the enamel dial, a Half Hunter case and a Goliath pocket watch with 2.5" dial, all in need of some attention est 50-80

37      2 x silver h/m pocket watch to include a Waltham, h/m for Birmingham 1939, and full silver Hunter with a 1904 Birmingham h/m est 50-100

38      9ct gold Garrard Gents wrist watch, 1.1/4" dia dial marked Garrard with date aperture quartz movement on gold plated strap est 80-100

39      9ct gold Waltham pocket watch with Roman numerals, 24 hour clock to the interior, sweeping second hand, appears to be working est 120-160

40      Roamer, Gents Vintage pocket watch with Brevete mark to the back date aperture and 1 other Gents modern wrist watch est 20-40

41      Vintage Nivida Gents Automatic wrist watch, in working order

42      Vintage Ladies 18ct gold Military watch, Swiss movement, c1910-1916 Swiss movement numbered 4515251, working order est 40-80

43      Festina, a Gents Vintage watch, in working order, set in 18ct gold h/m case, model number 8313-1619 needs new strap total weight inclduing movement 19 grams, gold coloured batons, est 100-120

44      2 x Vintage watches one by Waltham, both need attention, est 20-50

45      19th century pocket watch with silver case, London h/m 1862, key wind action, not working and will need some attention est 20-50

46      Gents Gold Avia 17 jewel automatic wrist watch in working order with date aperture in tested gold case, est 80-100

47      Late 19c black slate mantle clock with an 8 day movement 10" tall, est 20-40

48      Collection of Ladies & Gents watches inclduing 1 small silver Fob watch, the Gents watches include 2 x vintage watches, makers include Certina,

49      German origin Military? pocket watch marked to the interior Niokel Gapanti, model No:180084 second hand aperture, replacement plastic glass front, hours in the inner section with minute section in red, the rear back plate has writing and engraving




50      6 item silver h/m brush set comprising circular hand mirror, 2 x paddle shaped brushes, 2 x clothes brushes and 1 x hair comb each one with matching hallmark for London 1932, makers mark TP, est 30-80

51      5 x items silver bound vanity set comprising 1 x hand mirror, 2 x clothes brushes and 2 x paddle shaped brushes, Birmingham h/m 1929 makers mark EP, and 1 x odd oval shaped silver bound brush minor condition issues to some of the items est 30-50

52      4 x item silver bound brush set comprising 2 x paddle shaped brushes, 2 x other clothes brushes, each item with engine turned decoration to the top, Birmingham h/m 1901, est 30-40

53      Silver h/m small bowl with inscription dated 1942, the sugar bowl measures 2.5" tall x 4" wide 158 grams est 25-50

54      Pair of silver bud vases, each on measuring 5.5" tall London h/m c1970's markers D & F est 25-50

55      Silver h/m tankard, 3" tall Birmingham h/m c1920's and a bottle stopper with a silver coloured top, est 20-50

56      7 x filigree silver h/m small coffee cans, London /m imported 1887 Dutch origin, each silver based with delicate pierced decoration depicting figures and Lovers under bower, h/m 925 makers mark J G P slight variations in each silver base, est 50-100

57      Silver salt and pepper shakers 4" tall makers EB London h/m 1975, est 30-60

58      Silver 19th century set of 3 x decanters with quadrofoil waited centre section, to include a pair of small decanters, 8" tall with stoppers, 1 has crack to body, both with a Birmingham h/m for 1905 and 1 larger centre decanter needs new stopper, 10.5" tall with a Chester h/m c1910 est 60-100

59      Pair of silver Piquet  highlighted scent decanters each one with original stopper, 4.5" tall x 3" wide the top set with tortoise shell and inlaid silver, star cut bases, London h/m 1920's est 50-100

60      Superb Piquet ware silver and tortoise shell topped powder bowl and lid, 6.5" dia, 4" tall with a star cut glass base Birmingham h/m 1921, est 40-80

61      Art Deco period cocktail shaker silver plated, makers Bonzer 8" tall est 20-30

62      Glass and silver plated caviar dish with twin handles to the side, smaller inset containing silver plate and small glass bowl to accept the caviar, a base for the ice, makers RCR Crystal c1950's

63      Selection of silver plated items to include 2 x wine bottle holders, a gravy boat, tureen and lid with detachable handle, 3 x other items of silver plate,

64      Sheffield silver h/m mustard pot and lid modeled as a tankard, 2.5" tall with a blue glass liner, and a similar period silver salt with a blue glass liner, 2" long silver weight in excluding liners 100 grams, est 30-60

65      Silver h/m ink well, Bell shaped c1910, 2" tall x 2.5" wide, 62 grams est 20-50

66      3 x glass based and silver topped vanity case fittings, 1 measures 6" tall the others 3.5" tall matching pattern to the top, and 2 x similar vanity case silver topped items, 3.5" tall each with a glass base and a silver top, est 30-60

67      Silver highlighted manicure set 3 items to include bootlace, glove scissors and a nail polish, and 3 small rouge pots and lids each with a silver top and a damaged silver topped scent decanter, 3" tall est 30-60

68      Silver and enamel button set with tiger eye buttons, to include a buckle with green enamel decoration the enamel has had some ware in original box, est 20-30

69      Silver plated mustard pot and lid with a blue glass liner and a silver coloured modern frame,

70      Engraved 19c Claret jug with silver plated handle and top, 11" tall

71      Set of silver plated asparagus servers, 4 similar silver plated wine goblets and an Art Deco period silver plated on copper tray, 12" square

72      Pair of silver goblets with modern Birmingham silver h/m, 417 grams est 40-100

73      Amount of silver h/m tea spoons, some with decorative tops and some other silver coloured or plated curios,

74      Rare silver fishing hole winch, solid silver item makers H & M Birmingham h/m 1865, 3" long in total, the reel measures 1.5" wide, 1.5" tall, a superb example, some restoration  est 700-900

75      Silver bound fruit knife, h/m 1933, with ownership engraving and a similar ownership silver h/m propelling pencil by Samuel Morden & Co,

76      Silver h/m stamp holder, modeled as a envelope with enamel setting of the word stamps, makers C & N with a Birmingham h/m 1906

77      Antique silver thimble makers H G & S Birmingham h/m 1928, one other decorative silver thimble Birmingham h/m 1900's and 1 other thimble

78      6 x silver h/m thimbles various makers and 8 other collectable thimbles silver coloured or enameled est 50-100

79      Superb boxed set of Mother of Pearl handled and silver plated cake knives and forks, complete 12 place setting in original mahogany box

80      Silver h/m cream jug 122 grams, London h/m 1964, antique style tripod feet est 30-50

81      8 x matching silver h/m dessert spoons each with a Birmingham h/m for 1903 makers mark E & Co 416 grams, est 100-200

82      Continental original marked 925 silver spoon, raised decoration to the handle, makers Kirk & Sons? 104 grams est 30-60

83      Assortment of silver h/m flatware, 317 grams est 40-100

84      Shelf containing silver plated items to include 4 items of silver plated tea ware inclduing tea pots, a boxed set of 6 silver plated butter knives, a boxed set of Ivorine handled fish knives and forks, glass based and silver topped sugar sifter, the silver h/m for Birmingham 1900's, est 20-30

85      Victorian period silver Mourning Locket with silver chain, silver coloured belt buckle modeled as a leaf, a silver thimble, 3 other silver plated thimbles, and an amount of other collectable bric a brac items including belt buckle and costume item, est 20-30

86      Silver and enamel Military Bar brooch, and enamel button brooch, Lusitanian Wittenberg, Folkestone-London, some damage to the enamel and 5 other Military style items

87      Oriental design Match Vesta, the front depicting Man carrying water, and one other Vesta crested for Belfast

88      Amount of costume jewellery inclduing gilt metal and 2 x Ladies compacts,

89      Amount of silver items inclduing Thimble, bracelets and Indian silver coin bracelets, pair of silver cuff links modeled as cricket bats, silver ER Silver Jubilee 1977 coin

90      9ct gold tie pin modeled as golf clubs and bag, 2.3 grams est 30-50

91      9ct gold ladies dress ring size P, Sapphire to the centre surrounded by starburst setting containing diamond chips, 2.8 grams est 50-100

92      14ct gold  Ladies ring set with single stone 4.1 grams marked 585 size Q, Art Deco design est 50-100

93      Ladies 18ct gold Solitaire diamond ring makers D & F, a superb .20approx diamond to the centre, size I est 60-100

94      Ladies 18ct gold ring set with 3 small diamonds, size K est 50-100

95      Ladies Daisy ring size L, set with blue sapphire and clear stones, est 25-50

96      Edwardian period Ladies Diamond ring, size L marked with the Sheffield h/m makers mark NB, the top set with 5 graduating diamonds, the largest being .10 total diamond content approx .40 2.5 grams est 80-120

97      Superb Ladies Sapphire and Diamond cluster ring, .50 Solitaire Sapphire flanked by 2 x diamonds, each diamond .20 18ct gold shank with a Sheffield h/m makers CRS, est 150-250

98      9ct gold Ladies ring set with a solitaire pearl, claw set, size M est 30-50

99      Ladies ring set with yellow certrine on a 9ct gold shank size K, est 20-40




100    Butterscotch Amber bead necklace graduating size, various Butterscotch colours, united by a 9ct gold clasp 17 grams approx est 100-200

101    Very large assorted Butterscotch Amber bead necklace inclduing Green Amber, Butterscotch Amber, Cognac Amber and Baltic Amber, total weight 240 grams, beads vary in size, est 600-900

102    Unusual Afghanistan Amber graduating necklace, has been re-strung with highlights of Blueberry Pearls on a gold coloured clasp, total weight 80 grams approx, est 400-600

103    Butterscotch Amber bangle, Butterscotch Amber necklace, Cognac Amber necklace and 1 other Amber necklace total weight 63 grams, est 180-250

104    Butterscotch Amber a decorative antique brooch modeled as a leaf, total weight 12 grams inclduing clasp, estimate that amber content is approx 10 grams est 60-100

105    Millefiori glass bead necklace of graduating size, separated by Amber coloured glass beads 15" long est 30-60

106    Victorian period garnet necklace united by a gilt metal decorative clasp 21" long and a similar period small garnet necklace, 19" long est 30-60


Selection of Gold items


107    9ct gold designer Ladies necklace supplied by Cornells, 16" long 20 grams est 200-300

108    Ladies cocktail ring, set with small diamond chip .10 to the front and similar size emeralds size L, 9ct gold hallmark Sheffield date mark circa 1970's est 70-100

109    Ladies 9ct gold sapphire and diamond chip ring, size J, est 60-100

110    Ladies cluster ring set with a half hoop design to the top small Diamond and small Emerald chips, est 90-110

111    Ladies unusual 2 tone Diamond ring size L, est 110-150

112    Ladies 9ct gold opal ring size G, on a gold coloured shank tested as 9ct or above, the opal is surround by small diamond chips est 60-100

113    Ladies 18ct gold Art Deco period diamond ring with an inscription to the inside dated 1929, cross over design with 4 small diamonds to the top, 2.5 grams size N est 50-100

114    Art Nouveau 9ct gold pendant stylized decoration with h/m set tot centre with a small ruby, and 9ct gold h/m chain est 30-60

115    5 stone half hoop ring set with Opals, size L, est 90-110

116    Ladies gold ring with platinum set triple diamonds to the top, each diamond .05 size S probably 18ct, 2 grams est 40-80

117    Ladies 9ct gold ring set with small opal and garnets one stone missing, a similar period 9ct gold ring set with 4 small emeralds, and a 9ct gold wedding band total weight 5.8 grams est 60-100

118    Edwardian period 3 section mahogany inlaid canteen of cutlery, satinwood banded to the top above 2 x small drawers, each section fitted for a complete canteen, a part complete silver plated cutlery set enclosed, est 100-200

119    Pair of 9ct gold drop earrings each one set with an Amethyst coloured pear shaped stone, total drop 2.1/4" earring measures 1.1/4" the top section of the drop earring is marked 9ct and appears to unite a brass section holding the amethyst stones, and 1 other pair of 9ct gold earrings with Garnet stones screw on, a gold coloured bow shaped brooch, est 20-50

120    Solid silver Vintage cigarette case with gilt lined interior, makers mark WH Sheffield h/m c1930's 150 grams, est 25-50

121    Solid silver and piquet ware pie crust topped shaped ring box on 4 legs, Birmingham h/m for 1911, est 25-50

122    Silver bound perfume bottle and stopper, minor damage to the bottle at the top, makers mark H & M Birmingham h/m 1901, silver section measures 3" tall and an Art Nouveau silver bound comb, Birmingham h/m c1900 and 2 x silver hand bound mirrors both with decoration to the front of 3 Ladies in a landscape, includes one hand mirror and 1 brush Birmingham h/m 1906 est 40-100

123    5 x items of silver bound dressing table ware, matching hand mirror brush and clothes brush, London h/m 1929 and a pair of matching items hand brush and mirror, both mid-Victorian with rubbed hallmarks and a decorative photo frame est 25-50

124    Superb brooch modeled as 2 Deer’s in a walking stance above a line of seed pearls, 1.1/4" long, marked to reverse 14k 7 grams est 100-200

125    Enamel and seed pearl gold coloured ring, Victorian period, probably 15ct 4 grams size I est 60-120

126    9ct gold tested bangle, 2.5 grams and an amount of other gold or gold coloured items total weight 6 grams est 40-60

127    Small amount of costume jewellery, gilt metal, selection of loose pearls, est 20-30

Queen Victoria


128    Queen Victoria, c1890-1900 a pair of QUEEN Victoria's'  Bloomers made from the softest  pure silk type cotton,sewn by hand, fine attention to stitch-work,marked with Victoria's Crown Monogram (VR) No:36 under emblem Provence gifted to a family member who worked in the royal household ( being sold without reserve )

129    Queen Victoria a Chemise, 66" bust 33" wide, 33" long silk with delicate lace boarder and buttons, Queen Victoria's emblem, on right breast, also No:36 good condition  Provence gifted to a family member who worked for the Royal Household( being sold without reserve )




130    20 miniature bottles of Vintage Whisky including aged Whisky from a cocktail cabinet collection

131    20 bottles of miniature vintage Whisky, to include a Auchentoshan 10 year old and other 10 year olds some in original packaging, including Bunnahabhain, and Highland Park, Glenmorangie Talisker

132    Collection of 13 Important Whisky miniature bottles, inclduing Macallan 12 year old 70 proof, Glenfiddich aged 18 years, miniature 21 year old Glenfiddich housed in a Wedgwood decanter with original packaging, a 24 year aged Tomatin single malt,

133    Shelf containing miniature china decanters with various Whiskies enclosed, a cocktail cabinet collection and some miniature Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort

134    Gordon and Macphail, a collection of 3 x miniatures inclduing 1979 and a Port Ellen 1980, Connoisseurs Whisky collection 4 x miniature bottles, in original packaging and 6 x miniatures in original packaging including 14 year old Oban, and 15 year old Dalwhinnie,

135    Shelf containing a collection of Scotch whisky miniatures 40 items

136    Wade Whisky barrels commemorative china decanters with contents un-opened and packaging for Prince Henry, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth 11, and Prince Andrew

137    Wade Whisky decanters un-opened commemorative items to include a Bells Royal Reserve 20 years old, Millennium 2000 aged 8 years in glass decanter and an aged 8 years Jubilee Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

138    4 x decanters containing Bells Whisky each in original packaging and un-opened commemorating Princess Beatrix x 2, Princess Eugene, Queen Mother

139    Bells Whisky decanters various sizes, 6 items each with contents

140    Bells Whisky decanters, un-opened commemorating extra special Christmas decanter, 1988, Princess Diana 1981 decanter, and a 1998 Prince of Wales 50th Birthday decanter, each one un-opened,

141    The Macallan, Elegancia, 12 year old Whisky 1 litre bottle in original box est 100-150

142    Bells Wade Whisky decanters, in original packaging a 37.5cl decanter finished in 22ct gold and a 1989 75cl decanter both with complete contents, 2 packs of Bells Whisky playing cards, set of Bells Whiskies darts, and 5 x Bells Whisky key rings

143    Vintage 1963 bottle of Port by Offley Boa Vista, capsule in good condition, est 50-80

144    Single bottle of Vintage Ginger Brandy, extra quality, supplied by Thomas Grant & Sons Limited of Maidstone Kent,




145    Marilyn Monroe, 10 collectable 1950's magazines, all with front page photographs of Marilyn Monroe, 6 x Tempo, 1953-1955 editions, 4 x Focus, each magazine in a collectors condition est 80-120

146    Marilyn Monroe, a rare collectable magazine, Piff September 1954, No:10 in pristine condition issued in Denmark, est 100-200

147    Marilyn Monroe, a magazine Song Fan, the front cover has Marilyn and Robert Mitcham, a single copy of Who's Who in Hollywood dated 1 August 1989, a single copy of Hollywood August 1987, copy of 1956 Picturegoer, single copy of Movie Life December, copy of Movie life August, 6 magazines in total, each one has a front cover of Marilyn Monroe, est 80-150

148    Marilyn Monroe, Pink folder containing Marilyn Monroe ephemera, photographs and probably reproductions of negatives, each showing an iconic photo of Marilyn, the front section with a photo of Marilyn and entitled Slide and Printed items, est 80-120

149    Marilyn Monroe, 7 x magazines with front cover pictures of Marilyn to include 2 x copies of Photo play, November 1952, and December 1952, October 1954 edition of Art Photography, 2 x copies of Illustrated January 1953-july 1956 est 80-100

150    Marilyn Monroe, rare magazine Picture Post dated December 1947, the front cover with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, a single copy of See dated November 1954, and one other copy of SE dated 1954, a single copy of Sir, October edition, single copy of Rave August 1954, est 80-120

151    Marilyn Monroe, Green Stars July 1953, 4 x copies of Modern Screen October 1955, June 1955, September 1954, and a single copy of Screen Annual 1953, est 80-120

152    Marilyn Monroe, Vintage magazines, a single copy of Eye, August edition, single copy of Pic, September edition, a single copy of Fans Star Library, a single copy of Bus Stop published by Charles Buchans, single copy of Life, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell 1953, single copy of Picture Post August 1953, est 80-120

153    Marilyn Monroe, 7 x magazines including Modern Screen Pin Ups, No:1, Movie land November 1954, Movie stars September 1955, Movie World May 1955, Movies February 1953, Modern Man March 1955, est 80-120

154    Marilyn Monroe, a rare magazine Who's Who in Hollywood 1953 small issue to binding, 1st edition copy est 100-200

155    Marilyn Monroe, 10 collectable Vintage small magazines including TV Life 1950, Picture Life February, People Today June 1952 and July 1953, Bold January 1955, The Male Point of View, 1950, Quick Weekly News November 1951, single copy entitled 66 photographs of Marilyn Monroe, c1950's, 1 copy of Vue, volume 6 No:6 January and 1 copy 18 of Fotografia No:18, images of Marilyn Monroe est 80-150

156    Marilyn Monroe, rare copy of a magazine by Sydney Skolski, 1954, published by Dell est 80-150

157    Marilyn Monroe, magazines, Pin Ups volume 1 No:6, Photoplay August 1953, Cheesecake, Copy of Photoplay, single copy of Motion Picture and Television magazine November 1953 and a single copy of Screen Annual Pin Ups est 60-100

158    Marilyn Monroe, Movieland magazine April 1953, Modern Screen, Sydney Skolski March 1954, Cabaret July 1955, Bombshells No:1, 3D Pin Up Stars, December 1953, est 50-100

159    Marilyn Monroe, magazine, Her Tragic Life 200 pictures, in collectors condition, a copy 1955 Estudio, the front cover with Marilyn Monroe, and No:14 1953, May 1953 Picturegoer, Picturegoer October 1954, Picturegoer August 1952, Picturegoer 1964, each one having a cover photo of Marilyn Monroe, Daily Mail Weekender with front cover of Marilyn Monroe, September 1999, 8 items eat 80-100





We would like to inform you that our auction house will be closed for our annual holidays from Monday 31st July and then re-opening on Monday 14th August.


160    Marilyn Monroe, Contemporary editions inclduing The Loves of Marilyn Monroe by Life magazine, TV Guid magazine, Collector’s edition, Special News Week issue, Marilyn Monroe The Lost Scrap Book, New Flix Movie magazine 1991, Vanity Fair, 50 years after her death, The International Image magazine Zoom, English edition 1989, and Zoom Special Pin Up US edition 7 items eat 80-100

161    Marilyn Monroe, Playboy magazine, 5 copies including a reproduction of the original first cover shoot, Playboy 2012 a must have for Marilyn Monroe collectors est 50-100

162    Marilyn Monroe, The Sunday Times magazine, July 2001, Photo magazine Greek Edition, Photo magazine 2002 French edition, Le Figaro magazine 2012, copy of the Faces of Marilyn Monroe, single copy of the magazine Telegraph Sunday magazine 1984, single copy of Kehckix, a single copy of Ciai, Star Dossier 1 by Richard Dier containing numerous text and photographs of Marilyn Monroe est 70-120





163    15 editions of hard backed books, Shakespeare published London 1870 by Bell and Daldy, each one illustrated

164    Over 200 paper editions of the Weekly news magazine, entitled The War Illustrated and Afterwards, collectable condition

165    5 x First Edition hard backs including Stephen King, Jackie Collins, Obama, Maggie Thatcher, and 3 signed books, Patrick Moore, The Unfolding Universe, Richard Burton and Dr Syn signed by Thorndike est 80-120

166    Highways & Byways, 14 editions published by Macmillan & Co, includes some first editions, 12 volumes set in blue binding 2 volumes set in green binding

167    Collection of children's hard backed books appertaining to Railway Trains by Rev W Awdry, published by Edmund Ward, 15 books some with dust covers, conditions vary front good to well read, single copy of Observer Railways, 1955, and a single copy of Sectional Maps of the British Railways published 1948 by Allan, 8 other children's books

168    Selection of various books inclduing Dan Dare best of Eagle, the Eagle Sports Annual No:5, Eagle Annual No:7 and 3, 4 x framed prints appertaining to children's books

169    American Super Bowl ephemera, 2 x seat cushions, July 1991 and official program, silver Anniversary collector’s edition Album with cards, pro set enclosed, and spares, 3 x beakers and other ephemera

170    Wisden Cricketers Almanack, consecutive years 1947-1969 and a single copy of 1933, 24 books est 280-350

171    Wisden Cricketers Almanack, consecutive years 1976-1992, each one in very good condition, includes hard backed version of 1977 with dust cover and 2 x copies of Wisden Anthology, 1864-1900, and 1900-1940 est 60-100

172    Memoirs of Napoleon, 4 x leather bound volumes, published 1836 by Richard Bentley, numerous Anecdotes and illustrated notes, by M De Bourrienne

173    Napoleon, 1821-1921 an illustrative magazine, French publication with adverts inclduing colour illustrations,

174    Collection of sorted cigarette cards and tea cards, to include cricketers, Vintage motor cars, many complete sets with makers inclduing Churchman Cigarettes, Wills, Brooke Bond Tea, see illustration for complete list




175    Bernard Leach pottery, brown glazed bowl, c1948-1952 with cream glazed interior, impressed Bernard Leach mark to base, 8" dia, 4" tall est 30-70

176    Majolica, a George Jones style associated Stilton cover decorated with leaves and branches, Arts & Crafts style design on an associated circular base, the base measures 13" wide x 2" tall, the top section is 10" tall x 9" wide age related wear and tear, base has a couple of chips est 40-70

177    Aesthetic period china stilton dish cover on associated silver plated base, makers Brown, Westhead and Moore, est 25-50

178    19th century mahogany writing slope and 1 other writing slope, both in need of some attention, est 20-40

179    Military style writing slope in need of attention, mahogany with part fitted interior est 20-30







180    Captured Japanese Soldiers personal silk prayer flag, 1941-1945, 27" x 32" a rectangular flag with a red central disc to the centre on a white field, the flag features very many inscriptions written in black in by hand, covering the entire white field, in Japanese text, metal eyelets are featured to the corners to suspend the flag, (often know as Hokobukuro) est 300-500

181    2 x 1900 bayonets and scabbards both in need of some restoration, blades in good condition, each measuring 24" approx c1915 est 20-30

182    Military scabbard and blade, with a French inscription and dated 1875, total measurement 26" blade measures 21" est 20-30

183    Indian origin c1900 shooting stick, the blade inscribed India 34" in total, est 30-50

184    4 x assorted WW1 medals, in original delivery box, 1939-1945

185    Collection of Military ephemera and items to include a service book dated 1942, a collection of cloth badges, collection of War time postcards and ephemera

186    John Ditchfield glass, signed J Ditchfield, Glasform impressed No:4127 to base, 10.1/4" tall est 80-120

187    John Ditchfield glass, signed J Ditchfield Glasform, iridescent glass vase, No:3390 with a crimped top 10" tall 6" wide at its fullest est 80-120

188    John Ditchfield glass, signed J Ditchfield, Okra limited edition founder member small squat iridescent glass vase 4" tall with swirling decoration and a similar Okra edition vase swirling iridescent design, 8.5" tall est 30-60

189    Pair of Venetian and hand painted with enamels late 19c green and blue highlighted vases, 1 has damage the other has some wear, c1890's and a similar period damaged glass decanter, drawing of Merry fellows to the front with the words Anis

190    Large amount of lead toys, many with mark to base Made in Brittain or England, probably by Britains? Hand painted 11 horse and riders, and various other knights

191    Lead toy figures of Soldiers, Indians and including 3 x canoes

192    W H Goss, 17 Crested items to include a rare Jamaica dish, 2 x Lighthouses, 3 x cottages each item in good condition a crested for tourist attractions or places

193    Lustre ware collectable miniature pink glazed tea pot, with monochrome picture of Folkestone from the West Cliff to the front, circa Edwardian

194    3 x good quality cut glass decanters, 1 Bell shaped, 1 Whisky and 1 with makers label Bors Modric, est 20-30

195    4 x assorted Hummel figures

196    Taxidermy study of a Tigers head, age related wear, tip of the nose has a condition issue, est 40-60

197    Bear on a Bike, Tri-ang style bike probably c1950's-60's the bear has signs of damage, still working est 20-30

198    Monumental Mexican Urn and lid decorated in the antique style, 3'4" tall, profusely decorated throughout, makers Uriarte Talavera, with purchase certificate and certificate of authenticity, stunning handmade Mexican vase est 200-400

199    Oriental vase with warriors on horseback makers mark to the base, and a Satsuma ware bamboo design milk jug

200    Pair of blue and white Oriental design Ginger jars, squat design, each one 5" tall both with blue circle mark to base, Prunes pattern

201    Indian brass a decorative vase 7" tall a decorative beaker 5" tall, decorative spoon and 1 x 6" tray, age un-known

202    2 x part complete egg shell porcelain hand decorated tea sets both having tea pot and sugar basin, 1 decorated with birds and crane, the other on a pink ground with gilt flowers

203    Shelf of Wedgwood Jasper ware inclduing a silver rimmed basin with a h/m 1903, Ronsen lighter, 11 items in total

204    Moorcroft, a contemporary squat vase c1995, 6" tall, est 20-40

205    Original box and paper work a slender Moorcroft Peacock vase by Rachel Bishop, c1996, 8.5" tall est 20-40

206    Superb large freestanding Bronze figure of a Race Horse, 32" long, 33" tall un-signed est 250-300

207    Leather case travelling manicure set comprising brushes, and other Gentleman's accessories est 20-30

208    Large modern wool work tapestry depicting Medieval scene with Men on Horseback, Birds and dogs hunting a Falconry scene with castles in the background, 7'6 long x 4' tall in good condition, probably c1960's? est 60-100

209    Antique style Flemish Tapestry after the Tapestry Le Roi Soleil a reproduction c1980's? est 60-100

210    Gothic Arts & Crafts design pitch pine mirror with parcel shelf below, reclaimed from a church in Kent, 3' tall x 2' wide, replacement beveled edged mirror enclosed est 40-70

211    Antique style Venetian Mirror, 36" tall 24" wide est 20-40

212    Late Victorian writing desk with carved lion head handles, 5 drawers to the front, a knee hole section with 1 long drawer a side section with 4 short drawers, leather tooled writing area est 50-100

213    1920's Bureau with a fall front

214    3 x Reproduction items including an oval mirror with gilt decoration, a small oval Regency style coffee table, and an Art Nouveau brass picture frame

215    Regency style dining table, mahogany with makers label c1950's with an extra leaf and glass protection cover for the top,

216    Bow fronted regency style sideboard, mahogany

217    Mahogany Edwardian period Pembroke table, oval top with inlaid decoration, gate leg action with legs on castors

218    Oak Edwardian period writing desk, green leather tooled writing area above 2 shorts drawers with turned bobbin supports to the front section 3' long x 20" deep with a small galleried back est 50-70




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