Wanted for upcoming auctions






Our next sale will include

Rolex Cartier, Omega. any top brand

Gold or Silver Coins,

Gold & Silver Jewellery

9 ,14, 15, 18, and 22 carat gold items

     Online Worldwide timed auctions


Antiques Collectables, Clocks .Watches, 

Scrap gold Gold & silver items broken or not 

Asian art ,Curios 

Rolex Omega, Longines  Cartier 

ALL named Watches, 

Antiques, Collectables. 

Vintage and antique top end Jewellery  


Antiques, Collectables paintings,

 Vintage Whisky brandy 

Wine & Port, Scrap gold Gold & silver ,

Clocks Watches 

1st edition Books 


High value Coins Stamps. 

High value Cameras 


 If your item requires specialist knowledge or research we have a wide network of specialists we can consult, which ensures the item is given the best chance of reaching its optimum price. 

Please contact us today to arrange a house contents valuation

Email thehogbens@gmail.com

Michael Hogben, our head Valuer and Auctioneer, is available to offer free valuations m at our Head Office,

   Making sure your lots go to the highest bidders

Autumn 2024

September TBC 

Vintage handbags and Luggage Antiques, 

Collectables, Toys & Watches, Chinese & Japanese works of Art  

Clocks & Watches Costume Jewellery ,Vintage and antique Jewellery

Antiques Collectables Vintage Wine & Port , 

Gold, Silver items , 

Antique and Modern signed Jewellery . Designer Watches 

Designer Costume items ,Gold, Silver coins High Carat Gold items 

Entries now being consigned  

 Antiques Collectables, 

Clocks Watches Cameras, 

Chinese & Japanese works of Art, 

Costume items ,Gold, Silver coins and items 

Clocks & Watches 

Gold Coins

Antiques, Collectables. 

GOLD SILVER .SOVEREIGNS + OTHER GOLD COINS Antiques, Collectables  Vintage Whisky brandy Wine & Port, 

Vintage and antique top end Jewellery Scrap gold Gold & silver ,

Clocks Watches medals coins 

Stamps. Cameras 


We are looking for the following  
lots for our Next  Collectors auction
We excel with Coins and gold .we have had a record breaking year in 2022/2023 with prices for coins and gold item
  • Watches have played a big part in collecting this pass year and we have top end collectors of all mechanical watches Cartier, Rolex 
  • Longines  and other top brands always find excellent buyers 
  • Japanese and Chinese art works including silver went crazy last year i see no signs of this buoyant market slowing down 

  • Painting and prints.20 th C Modern Damian Hirst and Tracey Emin
  • Clock barometers 
  • Vintage Wine, Port , Cognacs and Whisky 
  • 20th century Furniture and design
  • Military items; Medals, 
  • Stamps Posters 

please call office 0777 999 5117  
email thehogbens@gmail.com

Special commission charges , free insurance, free valuations 
For items with agreed reserves