The sellers Charges 

Commission: from as little as 5% to 15%
Insurance: optional 
Lot Fee: £5.00 sold or unsold .

Email thehogbens@googlemail.com 

How can i pay for my lots 

                    We accept payment by Cash . or bank transfer  our preferred method of payment is Bank transfer WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CHEQUES 

I live a long way from the auction, but would like to place a bid on a few items, is this possible?

          Yes, we have a worldwide client base and can arrange shipping/postage for any items you purchase in the sale,

I have never been to an auction before, have viewed and really like a few pieces can I leave a bid?

            Yes, if you leave the a bid of the maximum you wish to place on an item we will bid on your behalf starting at the lowest possible bid.

I can’t fit the pieces I purchased in my car – do you deliver?

                     Yes, we can arrange delivery for you at £35 per hour for 1 man & van or £45 per hour for 2 men & a van charged at 15 minute intervals, combining your journey with others where possible.

I need a valuation for a Deceased Estate/Divorce/Insurance is this something you do?

                    Yes, this is something we ARE specialist in, please call us to arrange 01303 813545 or 
0777 999 5117.

I need to clear an entire house, there are some items that may be of value but other general items etc. Can you help?

                 Yes, we will clear the house of all saleable items and can organise for the non saleable items to be disposed of, please call our office to arrange 01303 813545 

How do I go about selling something at the auction?

Option 1

                             You are welcome to bring any items you would like to sell to the auction rooms Monday – Thursday  between 10 am  1 pm, you will be given a receipt (Entry form) with a general description of the items you have left with us. We will then sort and lot them at the next available opportunity. You will then receive a pre-sale advice from us detailing the items, lot numbers, etc. about a week before the sale and a post sale advice by phoning after the auction sale 

If you would like someone to go through the items with you whilst you are on the premises then Michael Hogben is on site most days 

Whether you leave your items with us/we collect them you will be given an entry form/receipt and about a week before the sale you will be sent a pre-sale advice detailing the Lot Numbers and Estimates (if applicable).

The sellers Charges 

Commission: from as little as 5% to 15%
Insurance: optional 
Lot Fee: £5.00 sold or unsold .
  • We do charge  Storage Fees on lots uncollected paid or unpaid after 30 days 
£10 per item per week for furniture OR LARGER  and £10.00 per month for small items .